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Jakkanna (2016)
Jakkanna(Sunil) is a happy go lucky youth who goes to any length to satisfy those who have helped him in the past. In this process, he sets his eyes on a dreaded gangster called Bairagi(Kabir Singh) who had saved his life during his child hood…..
Ganesh (Sunil) is in Vizag, wooing a girl (Mannara Chopra) full-time. Or so we think. He is on another mission. It’s to trace Bairagi (Kabhir Dulhan Singh) out. Now, Bairagi is a dreaded criminal who has eliminated the blood-thirsty Dega. He is living in disguise as a mechanic. The cops have failed to even have an imaginary sketch of him over the years.
Release Date: August 5, 2016
Genres:Action, Romance
Country:South Indian
Directors:Vamsi Krishna
Writers:Vamsi Krishna
Stars:Kabir Duhan Singh, Mannara Chopra, Sunil
Language: Telugu
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