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.45 (2006) Hindi Dubbedb Full Movie Watch Online

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A woman (Milla Jovovich) hatches a plan for revenge after seeking independence from her drug-dealing boyfriend (Angus Macfadyen). Initial release: November 30, 2006 Director: Gary Lennon Budget: 5 million USD ...

The Sentinel (2006) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Online

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Secret Service agent Pete Garrison (Michael Douglas) investigates a colleague's murder and subsequently becomes a suspect due to the machinations of a blackmailer who knows the secret he is hiding. Disgraced, dism...

When a Stranger Calls (2006) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie

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Far away from the site of a gruesome murder, a teenager named Jill Johnson (Camilla Belle) arrives at a luxurious home for a baby-sitting job. With the children fast asleep, she settles in for what she expects to ...

The Departed (2006) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online

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South Boston cop Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio) goes under cover to infiltrate the organization of gangland chief Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson). As Billy gains the mobster's trust, a career criminal name...

The Covenant (2006) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Online

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In the 17th century, five families with supernatural powers make a pact of silence. Eventually one power-hungry family is banished. The descendants of those four remaining families are heirs to tremendous power. K...

Blood Diamond (2006) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Online

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As civil war rages through 1990s Sierra Leone, two men, a white South African mercenary (Leonardo DiCaprio) and a black Mende fisherman (Djimon Hounsou), become joined in a common quest to recover a rare gem t...

Ultraviolet (2006) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Online

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In the late 21st-century, a vampiric disease modifies some people, imbuing each of them with superhuman strength, intelligence and speed. Worldwide civil war looms as normal people, feeling threatened by their enh...

Deja Vu (2006) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Online

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The team of top-secret program brings ATF agent Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington) into its midst to capture the terrorist (Jim Caviezel) responsible for a ferry bombing that left hundreds dead. Its amazing techn...

The Da Vinci Code (2006) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Online

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A murder in Paris' Louvre Museum and cryptic clues in some of Leonardo da Vinci's most famous paintings lead to the discovery of a religious mystery. For 2,000 years a secret society closely guards information tha...

Underworld Evolution (2006) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie

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Seductive vampire Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and renegade werewolf Michael (Scott Speedman) love one another, but find themselves abhorred by the members of their own clans. Seeking clues that might provide a key to...

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